Google Inbox is now even more productive with Trello and GitHub integration

Google Inbox is now even more productive with Trello and GitHub integration
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Google’s Inbox by Gmail is the result of the Gmail team’s incessant efforts to make emails great again. Yesterday, Google announced on its official blog, that a major update is coming to Google Inbox.

The update will bring Trello and GitHub integration along with previews of Google Alerts.

“Starting today, you’ll discover more integrations that make it easier to see what’s happening and then act with organized Trello and GitHub project updates and Google Alerts previews. You’ll also see updates based on your feedback, including Google Drive integration,” Google said in its blog.

If you use Trello, a project management application, you will receive summaries of what’s new with your Trello projects. For those who use GitHub, a software collaboration platform, you will get a summary of all the code changes and issues filed, for each repository.

Google Drive too will now be integrated into Inbox. Drive links can now be inserted directly in the emails, including the ability to change permissions. You can also save files you receive as attachments to Drive.

As for Google Alerts, Inbox will help you follow the topics you care about by sending Alerts like a newsletter. The alerts are summarized within the inbox itself. Pick one and click to read more. If not, simply mark them as done.

Another tiny but significant update is the ability to drag and drop contacts between to, cc and bcc in the compose section on the web.

Google Inbox was first launched in 2014 as a beta version. An invite was needed to use it before Google released it officially in 2015. The Inbox app aims to improve email productivity by organizing your emails into contextual categories like Travel, Shopping, etc.

You can receive Google Now-like Cards from Inbox when you have a flight to catch, bundle similar emails together and even snooze emails so that you are reminded to reply to them later.

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