How iPhone users are starting to piss off normal people even more

How iPhone users are starting to piss off normal people even more
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Apple’s iPhone user base isn’t just any user base. Some users are fans, some just swear by and there is an unflinching brand loyalty towards the Cupertino based company. But the way its products are designed, often they are incompatible with products based around Android which are more mass market and often they lack direct interoperability with things that aren’t designed for its products. With the iPhone 7 this has reached new levels as now it lacks the headphone jack. I am personally in evidence of this behavior and I have found that my strange iPhone 7 requests have started to piss off people that I meet during the day. I have also witnessed a few people with the new iPhones to have strange requests as well.

Exhibit A – Uber driver

Yesterday my Uber driver particularly got riled up. He was blasting god awful Bollywood music and then I asked him if I could hook up my phone to the stereo and listen to some smooth jazz by Chet Atkins, he grudgingly agreed. But then there was an issue, he was parsing music on the stereo through the auxiliary cable and since my new iPhone 7 didn’t have a headphone jack, I dared to ask if his cab stereo had Bluetooth. It of course didn’t and unwittingly I ended up offending the poor chap calling his spanking new Tata Indica low tech. I am not sure, but I suspect he didn’t give me the best passenger rating.

Exhibit B – Air India Business class air hostess

Now this was when I didn’t have the new iPhone. I was coming back home from London in an Air India flight and the passenger next to me had the iPhone 7. Now, while Air India provided high-end headphones, the passenger requested for something wireless or something compatible with the new iPhones. This was the business class we were talking about so you can imagine the odd passenger to make an obnoxious request. The poor old Air India air hostess didn’t have one nor could she comprehend the request. Later on rattled she dropped a glass of champagne on the fella’s iPhone only to scramble to clean it up, but the owner of the phone sarcastically replied, “don’t worry about it, it is water proof.” A miffed airhostess went back and I wouldn’t be surprised she was spitting in his drinks after the ordeal.

Exhibit C – the PowerBank hog

Being an iPhone user for years I understand the anxiousness that comes with owning one considering the battery life isn’t the best and not always it is possible to get hands on a lightning cable. But at parties and social gatherings there will always be that one iPhone owning idiot who neither has much charge on the phone nor does have a powerbank, so he will borrow one and hog on the back up juice you’ve saved for yourself. The problem compounds as the iPhone takes time to charge and sometimes the iPhone owner will forget to return your powerbank to you too. Urgh, this is the worst.

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