Tablet sales have gone down and blame phablet for that

Tablet sales have gone down and blame phablet for that
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Tablets were supposed to be the so-called ‘future of computing’ but it seems their present itself is in jeopardy. These portable, convenient devices, which were meant to replace our bulky PCs (and notebook) have gone off the radar now and frankly, this seems to be last straw for the slates.

“We have stopped keeping tablet stocks as most people are now opting for phablet rather than going for tablet,” as highlighted by one of the mobile store owners. And that’s quite possible, as the phablet form size has eroded into space owned by tablets all this while. Phablet (sized at 5.5 inch or above) have found plenty of takers in market like India where fetish for big-display phone continues to grow in the upward trajectory.

“We manage to sell more phablet phone these days and that has helped us focus more on selling laptops, rather than invest time in selling tablet to consumers, something they don’t really want these days,” as told by another mobile/tablet dealer in the capital.

Truth be told, the scenario for tablet isn’t any good on the global storage either. According to latest research number, the worldwide tablet shipments has fallen 12% y-o-y to 67 million units in Q4 2014 and if ground reality holds any truth, then the numbers will continue to tumble from here on. “In Q4 2014, 7″ tablets made up half of total Android tablet shipments, a segment that has seen steady declines from a high of 66% in the first quarter of the year,” Rushabh Doshi, a Singapore-based analyst quoted in the report.

Demand in this segment has decreased due to cannibalization from large-screen smart phones and the intense price competition that has seen margins evaporate, making the segment unattractive to both vendors and channel partners,” Doshi echoes on the sentiment shared by sellers.

Reminiscent to the PC industry, tablets are here to stay (only above 8 inch form size) and leaders like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Google among others will be expected to herald the continuous growth of this sphere.

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